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Return policy:


Yes, you can order, try on and return, if necessary!

Before ordering any product, please check carefully the product from the site. On the product description page you will find all the necessary information. In case you want more information, please contact us at: or by phone: 0752832241 . Also, in the same product page, you can use the zoom in order to be able to study in detail both the composition of the fabric and its details.


According to the Emergency Ordinance 34/2014 regarding the consumer rights, the Consumer has the right to notify the retailer in writing that he cancels the purchase, without penalties and without invoking a reason, within 14 calendar days after receiving the product.

Only custom made products cannot be returned.


Terms of Return 

- The products can only be returned if they are in their original state, they do not show any damage due to their use and together with the original packaging and the documents received in the box. Products must have the label intact and unopened.

- The shoes must be in the original box without any flaws. We will not receive shoes with wear marks. We advise you to test your shoes on the carpet to avoid the appearance of traces on the sole.


Is the customer's responsibility to request the courier services in order to return the products, the costs being covered by the customer.



For the refund, please indicate your IBAN account and name.